Winter Fleece Dog Coat

Winter Fleece Dog Coat - Waterproof Winter Dog Coat - Premium Dog Coat

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Winter Fleece Dog Coat

We know how much our dogs love the beautiful outdoors. However, it does begin to get cold and darker drawing into those winter nights. The cold weather can pose a threat to your dogs health and wellbeing. We bring to you a solution, to keep your dog warm - the Winter Fleece Dog Coat. It comes with a fleeced collar that can be unrolled and go higher up the neck.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design - Not only does this coat look stylish and super cosy. It has a few hidden perks, the thick fleece collar can be unrolled and provide warm further up your dogs head. As well as compartments to keep your zips tucked away to avoid catching your dogs fur.

  • Waterproof - As you can see the coat also has a waterproof lining to keep your dog dry as well as warm.
  • Reflective Strips - Each coat also contains reflective detailing, so even if you decide to take your dog out and off its lead during the darker hours. You don't need to worry about losing visibility.
  • Elastic Binding - The elastic in each of our dog coats allows for maximum comfort. The coat won't ever be too tight around the dogs body.

  • Buckle Design - Above the zip on the back of the coat is a buckle in which you can connect your lead too. So you can avoid pulling around the throat of your dog if they get too far ahead.

For all sizing requirements please see the chart displayed below. Please note we advise you measure your pet before ordering. If you are ordering for a younger pup please consider going a size or two up to allow for growth. If your dog falls between two sizes, please select the larger of the two.


Size Chart (cm)'s:

Size Back Length Chest Girth Neck Girth
S 30 28-48 28-38
M 33 40-84 32-40
L 42 50-106 40-50
XL 54 64-106 46-55
2XL 62 74-128 52-60
3XL 70 88-146 60-68