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Dual Retractable Dog Lead

Dual Retractable Dog Lead - Extendable Double Dog Lead

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Dual Retractable Dog Lead

We know you can't take one dog out for a walk and leave your other at home, and dogs love to be together when taking their daily stroll. With the Dual Retractable Lead they can be, with two extendable cables (3m) they can be close together and have the freedom to roam if you aren't willing to let them off the lead. This is a great item for all you dog owners that prefer convenience and comfort when walking your dogs.

Key Features:

  • Reflective Woven Tape - As you can see from the image below, both leads are brightly coloured and contain reflective woven tape. So you have that extra visibility when walking in the dark.

  • Convenience - This dual lead is super convenient and can be used on one or two dogs. 
  • Control - With this lead you have the control, control the length of each lead with the control switch. Alternate, which lead you are control with the click of a button and extend the lead to up to 3m.

  • Multi-purpose - Each lead has attached a garbage disposal bag as well as a spotlight. So on top of the reflective tape, you have extra visibility with a light on top of having a secret stash of those poo bags.
  • Intelligent Design - The black box under the handle of the lead can rotate 360 degrees.

As mentioned, all leads have a rope length of 3m. Available in two colours, dark blue and red.