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Dog Safety Shark Vest

Dog Life Jacket - Dog Safety Shark Jacket Vest

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Dog Safety Shark Vest

Your dogs safety is paramount at all times, especially when in and around water. We want you as the owner to feel comfortable and at ease when your dog is in the water. Our dog life jacket is the perfect floating aid to not only assist your dog in keeping afloat but to also make them look even more adorable than humanly possible. 


Key Features:

  • Convenient Rescue Handle - Each vest features a rescue handle at the top alone the spin just before the sharks fin. This makes it easy to grab and keep your dog afloat should you think they are in danger.
  • Practical Design - The vest is extremely practical and designed with adjustable belts and quick release buckles to make it a more comfortable fit for your dog, as well as making it easy to take on and off. 
  • Heavy Duty D-Ring - The D-Ring hook is perfect for dog leashes, so you can also treat it like a harness if taking your dog on a walk along the beach and you know they love the sea.
  • Eye Catching Design - The Shark detail makes it eye catching and allows you and others to also be able to keep an eye on your pet when around water. On top of this it also has reflective stripes on the vest to enhance visibility.

The jacket is fastened via velcro and made from premium oxford cloth & nylon & mesh fabric. The swimsuit also allows for quick drying and drains too as well as allowing your dog to move freely in the water. If your dog is close to the end of either size range we recommend taking a larger size up. We also recommend firstly paying attention to chest girth - size chart can be found below.

Size Chart (cm)'s:

Size Back Length Chest Girth Neck Girth Recommended Weight (kg)
S 26 41-53 36-47 4-7
M 30 41-63 40-48 7-12
L 35 50-75 42-54 12-20
XL 45
70-98 50-70 20-50