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Light Up LED Dog Collar

Light Up LED Dog Collar - Flashing Dog Collar

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Light Up LED Dog Collar

Every pet owners worst fear is losing your pet or your beloved pet being involved in a road accident. Each year unfortunately thousands of pets are injured due to road accidents, the main reason being they simply aren't visible. Our rechargeable USB LED Light Up Dog Collar makes your pet visible helping avoid the awful situation. 

Key Features:

  • Three Flash ModeOur LED Collars come with a three flash mode, quick flash, slow flash and a steady glow. All setting will make your dog visible in different ways to yourself on those late night walks or oncoming traffic.

  • USB Charging - All Collars come with a rechargeable setting. The rechargeable device can be securely fastened inside the collar.
  • Strong D Ring - Each collar is safe and sturdy, attach your leads with no problem. If your dog pulls our collar will withstand that pull.

  • Eco-Friendly - With no need for batteries, our LED collars are eco-friendly and have a long life span. On top of this, you can get them in a variety of your favourite colours. All collars are made to last with high premium quality nylon.

Size Chart (cm)'s:

Size Neck (Adjustable)
XS 28-38
S 34-41
M 37-46
L 41-52
XL 42-56