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Dog Calming Bed Sofa Cover

Dog Calming Bed Sofa Cover - Dog Sofa Cover - Dog Sofa Bed

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Dog Calming Bed Sofa Cover

This Dog Calming Sofa Bed Cover is the perfect item for every household including pets. It's multipurpose uses make it an essential, protect your sofa from claws, hair and create a nice, warm, snug spot for your pet to lay.

Key Features:

  • Comfort - This bed is so comfortable, design with high railings, filled with stuffing to help ease your pets discomfort and also support the neck, back and hips. Every bed is lined with soft faux fur

  • Washable - Each bed contains a plush fabric removable cover - each cover can be washed in a machine.
  • Calming (Anti - Anxiety) - Due to the faux fur, soft, plush materials it creates a sense of security and calming affect for your dog. Recommended if your dog is an anxious sleeper.
  • Multi-Purpose - Every bed has many uses and can be used in different environments. In the boot of your car, on your sofa or even simply on the floor. Every bed comes with a non-slip bottom so you won't need to worry about your dog sliding all over the living room floor.


Each sofa cover bed comes in three colours, dark grey, grey and pink. For any sizing please refer to the guide below: External Diameter refers to size of bed around to the outside point (including raised edges)

Size Chart (cm)'s:

Size External Diameter
S 90x80x20
M 105x95x20
L 115x95x20