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Long Reflective Dog Lead

Long Reflective Dog Lead - Premium Quality Training Dog Lead

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Long Reflective Dog Lead

We know how tough it is to find the best dog lead for your dog. Well, we're glad to say look no further. You will NOT be left disappointed with our Long Reflective Dog Lead. In a wide range of colours, we have the perfect lead for every occasion, season and coat. With several improved features listed below, you really won't find a better option elsewhere for your dog. Join hundreds of other customers today!!

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Sponge Grip - We know how painful it is when your ropey dog rope rubs on your hands in the winter, well ours contain a sponge grip surrounding the handle providing that needed comfort.

  • Rubber Rope Guard - Our rope guard allows for extra pull and strength in the rope, so you have no need for your rope to snap if your dog pulls or gets excited. 

  • Reflective Nylon Rope - All leads are reflective and made from nylon again creating extra strength made for all dogs. The rope being reflective ensures you are able to be seen in the dark by other dog owners or passing pedestrians. 
  • Zinc Alloy Lock - The ally lock enables you to securely fasten your leash to your dogs collar without having any worries.


Our Long Reflective Dog Lead comes in 8 different colours and all leads are approximately 5ft long in measurement. Each lead is also roughly 0.5 inches wide. Check out our reviews below and you will not be disappointed in our most secure dog lead, so it is resistant to those dogs that like the taste of their leads.