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Dog Cooling Vest

Dog Cooling Vest - Summer Dog Cooling Vest

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Dog Cooling Vest

At Big Ralph, we want your pet to feel comfortable at all times. Our cooling vest is designed for exactly that reason. This is the perfect item all dogs are begging for on those long hot summer walks, it's super easy to use. Simply soak the vest in cold water, wring it out and then place it on your dog. THAT'S IT! Easy right? This will ensure your dog stays cool on the walk and in turn won't suffer from any heat/sun related injuries.

Please see sizes below if you are unsure on what size to get for your furry friend.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose - Can keep warm in the winter and also serve main cooling purpose in summer
  • Size Adjustable - Tamper with the buckles to loosen and tighten to better fit your pooch
  • Lightweight & Breathable - The cooling coat is light and won't create unwanted weight for your dog on a hot day.