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Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Device

Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Device - Stop Dog Barking

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Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Device

We appreciate training your dog and getting it to stop barking can be difficult at times. Whether they bark at the casual person walking outside the house, down the road or at the postman every time that door is knocked. Big Ralph's Ultrasonic Anti Dog Barking Device is the answer to your problems. We feel this is the more friendly alternative to a shock collar.

Key Features:

  • Training Device - The device can be used to help train your dog, making them become more obedient. Not only stopping your pet from barking, the device can be used to prevent destructive behaviours such as chewing and digging.
  • Multi Purpose - Each device contains a flashlight, so if you're walking your dog in the dark or wondering what they are barking at you have increased visibility.
  • Chase Mode Feature - The chase mode allows you to activate the ultrasound function.

For reference on devices size and functions, please refer to images below on how to use: We recommend not over using the device & rewarding your dog when they are obedient by rewarding your dog either vocally or with a treat, the aim is to then encourage them to not bark. Then reducing the need to use the device. We feel this device is a safer more friendly alternative to the shock collars you may see online. It isn't harmful to your dog and will not create any pain. Batteries not included.