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Anti-Anxiety Square Calming Dog Bed

Anti-Anxiety Square Calming Dog Bed - Fluffy Calming Dog Bed

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Anti-Anxiety Square Calming Dog Bed

Does your pet struggle to sleep at night? Do you notice your dog being anxious? Does your dog pine for you when you go off to sleep? Sleep is important for you and your pets. This square calming dog bed might be the answer to you & your dogs worries. The soft fluffy exterior will help calm your dog and make them less anxious creating a soothing affect. All dog beds are finished with water and dirt resistant bottoms, which help prevent accidental messes reaching your floor. Check out all the reasons below, as to why we at Big Ralph believe this bed is a must have.

PetMD Approved For Reducing Stress & Separation Anxiety

A study shows 40% of dogs in someway suffer from stress or separation anxiety throughout their lives. If these issues go unnoticed or unattended they can lead to a variety of health issues...

  • Shorter span of life
  • Loss of appetite
  • Aggressive/destructive behaviour

However, with our tried and tested donut like shaped raised calming bed which creates a mother like cosiness you can be assured our Calming Dog Bed will help improve your furry friends quality of life. After all it does have PetMD's seal of approval. Your dog having a higher quality sleep may in fact assist with some more positive factors...

  • Good behaviour
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Maintaining a healthy appetite

Key Features:

  • Supports Heart & Mental Health - Obviously by decreasing the levels of anxiety your dog experiences it already improves the mental health of your pooch. However, by increasing the feeling of security provided by the raised effect and the faux fur exterior your pet will fall asleep with a slow regular heartbeat reducing stress on the heart and brain
  • Eases Anxiety - Much like the point above, the faux fur finish and raised edges causing your dog to sleep helps ease the levels of anxiety. Making for a better nights sleep and longer life expectancy. Each bed is filled with PP cotton which makes every bed soft and warm.
  • Versatile Design - Available in a variety of gorgeous colours we guarantee our beds will be a perfect addition to any room in the house. All beds are also finished with oxford bottom clothes. These ensure the beds are non-slip and water resistant.
  • Drug Free Remedy - Our beds may also allow you to stop giving your dogs any more medication or supplements. Our raised calming bed is a natural remedy
  • Pet Safe & Easy to Wash - All of our calming dog beds can be washed in the machine and dryer (machine wash, gentle cycle - Tumble dry, low heat), maximizing pet odours and excess hair.

Please refer to the image below for tips on how to restore your beds fluffiness:

Size Table (cm)'s:

Size Length Width Height
XS 43 35 20
S 55 45 20
M 66 56 18
L 80 70 18